Timosha Ltd., situated in Smolevichi, has been present on the Belarusian market for more than 10 years.
Currently, this company has facilities available for the production of powders, elastic thermal conduction materials (ETCM), materials for paint and varnish industry, video surveillance cameras “Belcam” and one more completely new product – bactericidal paint “HEALTH”.
We cooperate with the enterprises from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Korea and our products are available on the domestic market of Belarus and abroad. We are obliged to these enterprises for our long-term partnership and firm relations.
The applied manufacturing techniques and formulations are improved constantly; the range of goods is updated due to the consumers’ demands and abundant positive operational experience. We take advantage of mutually beneficial relations with our partners and take effective steps in the sphere of advertising.
The main factors of our products’ high quality and competitiveness are the following:
  • flexible pricing policy and individual approach to each of our partners  and customers;
  • modern production facilities and manufacturing techniques;
  • constant improvement of output goods;
  • future-oriented strategy.
The main goal of our enterprise is to provide our customers with the products of high quality at the best price.
We also pay much attention to the staff recruitment process and estimate qualification of our employees. Their honesty, serious attitude to the duties performed and corporate spirit are of great importance too.
The staff of out company is our main wealth.
In the severe competition environment we have managed to create an enterprise, which can boast of the trust from our customers and respect from our competitors.
Today Timosha Ltd. is an enterprise with developing manufacturing process and constantly renewed range of goods and services for you and your business.
We would be glad to become your best and reliable partner!
Address: 22а Peschanaya Street, Smolevichi, Minsk region, Belarus
Telephone: +375 1776 55838, + 375 1776 52091, +375 29 3302933
Working hours: You are welcome on weekdays from 8.30 a.m to 4.30 p.m